Case Study

How Star2Star Was The Right Fit For A Large, Distributed Enterprise

Case Study: Large National Retail Chain

Star2Star Offers The Simplicity, Functionality, And Scalability That Modern Retail Stores Demand

America's largest retail chains face special communications challenges. They must connect thousands of locations across the entire United States, protect credit card information, and maintain company standards.

When one of the largest discount retail chains in America needed to upgrade their communications system and reduce monthly bills, they turned to Star2Star. Read more to discover how Star2Star was able to save the retail chain millions of dollars every year after installing more than 11,000 StarSystems in industry-record time.

What You'll Learn

  • How a change in credit card policies forced a major national retail chain to update their communications systems at more than 10,000 locations
  • The major challenges the retail chain faced in operating so many locations using PSTN service
  • How Star2Star was able to break industry records for system installation
  • How Star2Star was able to save the retail chain millions of dollars, using pooling and bursting lines and other features