Case Study

How A Manufacturers Benefitted From Star2Star

Case Study: Indiana Automotive Fasteners

Star2Star Improves The Operations Of Manufacturing Facilities By Connecting Locations, Adding Functionality, And Reducing Costs

Manufacturers rely on communications at every step of the process, from ordering new components to completing sales negotiations. This is especially true of those manufacturers who operate using Just In Time manufacturing, which requires fast and dramatic change and accurate ordering on the fly.

When Indiana Automotive Fasteners, a Tier 1 supplier of fasteners to the automobile industry, was looking to replace an increasingly outdated and faulty communications system, they turned to Star2Star. Read more to discover how Star2Star transitioned Indiana Automotive Fasteners into the future with Scalable Cloud Communications.

What You'll Learn

  • Indiana Automotive Fasteners' Unique Communications Needs
  • How Star2Star Was Able to Rise to the Challenge